What Is Autonomous Driving?

Everyone wants to know when self-driving cars will be here and if they’ll actually see them in their lifetime. It’s true that this futuristic technology still has plenty of hurdles to clear. But thanks to massive advances in technology and artificial intelligence, these technologies are moving along much more quickly than the average consumer may realize.

Plus, there are plenty of motivators to get autonomous systems on the road today, ranging from productivity, cost savings and most importantly, safety.

With the Future of Auto, we’re talking with industry leaders and revolutionary companies, while digging through new research to keep our readers (and ourselves!) up to date on this rapidly evolving new industry. So feel free to explore the site, learn something new and follow our free newsletter!

“So like, can I watch Netflix on my way to work?” — Some Millennial, Somewhere



Author: Bret

If you find me, I'll be doing one of a few things: Cooking, drinking coffee, playing with my dogs or bugging someone about autonomous cars. Maybe all at once.

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